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Recomendaciones Singapur

Extracto de un correo de 2001 en el que recomendaba que ver en Singapur. Yo estuve en el 1997 durante 3 semanas fantásticas. Ya lo relataré más adelante...

                                                                  Singapore in April 97

I was in Singapore in April 97 and enjoyed it a lot. I stayed in a 5 stars hotel payed by my ex-ex-company, the Mandarin. It’s very nice but kind of expensive, so you better find something else. The last days I was in hollidays, so I moved to a cheaper one. I don’t remember the name but I think it was near “Little India”. Nothing spetial, very small with just a bed and a TV. If you have a good guide, it shoudn’t be a problem find something affordable.
Some places are western prices, but if you go to local places will be cheap. To move around the subway is good. It goes around the whole island.

Places to see:
  • Jurong Bird Park
Very nice zoological park about birds with nice nature around. You can go there with the underground that covers almost the whole island.

  • Little India
It’s inside the city and nice to walk around. Nicer during the day (I was visiting places every night after work, and some of them looked quite empty or unsafe).
Nice temple

  • dinner around Clarke Quay – Boat Quay
They have nice restaurants by the water, not that cheap but nice to be around and have a glass of red wine.

  • There are some places where you can also have dinner for almost nothing with Asian exotic fruits.
  • Botanic gardens
Some of them very nice to walk around.
  • Pub PapaJoes, Orchard Road, almost in front of Mandarin Hotel
I had it in front of the hotel and is the best place I found to go out. They had life music every night and nice international atmosphere. I went there a lot!!
In that area you also have some nice restaurants, both cheap (in a kind of Mals, with several shops and tables in the middle) and nicer ones.
  • Malaysia
It’s easy and quick to take a train to Johor Bahru. You can go there for a day, but it’s not worth unless you go to the south east coast to see a nice waterfall (I don’t remember the name, maybe Kottar Tingi?) and swim inside it. Also some very nice beaches around Mersing.
Melaka, on the west coast, I didn’t like it that much, was very dirty. More interesting than nice.

- Sentosa Island
If you want to say you’ve been in the southest point of Asia, go there. If not is kind of turistic attraction. Nice but artificial. It’s fine if you want to swim or have a different view of Singapore.

  • Chinatown
Its ok to walk around, but when I tried to get into a couple of places those Chinese were kind of racist and I was not allowed to get in.
  • cycle around
I don’t remember where exactly but with people of my work we rented bicycles and rided around, quite nice if you have a free afternoon.

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