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Travel check-list

In this post I'm going to give you a list, as detailed as possible, with the things you should not forget when traveling. If you think that I forget anything, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.
It is very useful to have a “check-list” to have a quick look before leaving home. At the last moment we use to be nervous and in a hurry. I've used it myself several times and I was always leaving something important at home...Sometimes I have forgotten the toothbrush, others even the credit card. I know someone that uses to forget the passport.

Traveling check-list: 

    • Driving license and ID-card, Visa if you need it to the countries you travel to or a good rescue plan when traveling without visa.
    • Any document you might have to get discounts when traveling. In our case, Balearic Island residents, we get 50 % off when traveling from/to the Islands.
    • Traveler checks/credit card and cash money.
    • If you already have the currency you are going to use from previous travels, take it with you! When I return, if it is not a big amount, I prefer to keep the money and re-use it in the future. Changing back to Euros a small quantity you loose a lot of it in commissions.
    • Camera. Better if it does not attract much attention. Sometimes an old mobile with camera it's fine, depending on your skills as a photographer.
    • Check your roaming plan before departure. Maybe it's worth to take with you an old mobile and buy an extra SIM card of the destination country. In this case, you can keep the main mobile for Whatsapp and your other apps to be used in a Wi-Fi.
    • Check how much luggage your flight allows.
    • Check if you have to print your boarding pass in advance or use a mobile app for it.
    • Check how earlier you should arrive to the airport. Usually it's an hour for domestic flights and two for international. In some airports, as Caracas for example, you will need more hours for the controls and other incidentals you might have.
    • Ask for an invoice of your flight, if your company requires it.
    • If you travel for work, you might need a laptop or a tablet to be connected.
    • If you have a frequent-flyer program, take the card with you and show it in check-in, if not done so when you have booked the fly.
    • If it is your first fly overseas with that company, ask for the miles card and put them inside!
    • Take some food/drinks with your. More important if you have any health issue.
    • Try not to check-in your luggage. It is normal to have to wait or even loose it. If you do so, take in your hand luggage your most important objects for the first hours at the destination.
    • Check that in your hand luggage you don't have any forbidden object. Ex: bottles. More information for Spain airports: Aena

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